UB’s Department of Electrical Engineering was established in 1978 by the Rural Electrical Engineering expertise, and one of the labs that have been established are Electrical Energy Engineering Lab later renamed Electrical Machines Lab. In 1984 with the development of electrical engineering technology university UB already has 5 fields of study (concentration) is the concentration of A / Electric Power Systems, the concentration of B / Electronics, the concentration of C / Telecommunications, of concentration D / Control System, and the concentration of E / Informatics Computer. There are four labs that specifically support the implementation of the teaching-learning process in the concentration of A, one of which is the Energy Conversion Laboratory Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Electrical Machines Laboratory serves two types of lab work, namely 1)​​. Electrical Energy Conversion Practicum all concentrations, and 2). Practicum Elektrrik machine specifically for students of the concentration of A. Practical electric power transmission is one lab course at a concentration of A.

In addition to serving as ptaktikum, the laboratory is also used for research faculty, students S1 and S2 as well as for community service activities by faculty and students of S1.