No Potition Deskription
1. Leader Of Lab
  1. Lead and coordinate all activities in the laboratory.
  2. Evaluate and make periodic reports to the Chairman of the Department
  3. To provide guidance to the administration and management of laboratory staff
2. Practicum Supervisor
  1.  Provide insight into the material to be in praktikumkan by the practitioner.
  2. Coordinate with the head of the laboratory for material that will be in praktikumkan.
  3. Coordinate with the laboratory to determine the post-test schedule with the value
3. assistant Practicum
  1. Coordinate with ka. Lab and the laboratory to determine the schedule of the practicum with the value
  2. Repeating the material that has been granted to do in the lab lecturer.
  3. Accompany the practitioner during the practicum.
4. Praktikan
  1. To prove the theory that have been obtained in the lab.
  2. Retrieving data lab used to handle the data post-test
5. Teknition
  1. Maintaining and caring for all the equipment in the lab
  2. Maintain cleanliness and order laboratory
  3. Restructuring and fireplace all inventory items in laboratorium
  4. Help all activities carried out in the laboratory, good ervice, development and documentation